Exporting Sri Lankan Products to the World

Posted on June 15, 2022 10:48 am

On the 20th of June 2022 we took our First Step in build a New Export Platform. This project will single handedly be an uplift for Sri Lankan Citizens to showcase and Export their products. Our Exporting Platform will Products and Services which are Offered by Sri Lankan People and Publish those in our Platform so that People internationally can buy. This will be a platform that directly sell the product to the buyer who is overseas that will buy for a quality and reasonable price.

Why Start a Project Like this ?

As many of the World Knows Sri Lanka is under a lot of Financial Debt , Therefore we do not have enough US Dollars to buy Goods & Services for Imports. Inorder for us to have US Dollars we need to create something of Value to Others overseas and bring Dollars to our Country.

What are the Advantages for Foreigners to Buy Sri Lankan Products or Services ?

1.High Quality Products.
Sri Lanka has the most Tea , Rubber & Coconut Exports in the World with that specially these products have a high demand in the International Markets. Other than that in the Modern Age of Sri Lankan we have Young talent who are Tech savvy who has new ideas to solve new age problems using tech. We showcase and sell those Products n our Platform too.

2.Quality Products at a Reasonable Price

As Mentioned above Sri Lanka offers Quality Products, Not only that Sri Lankan Rupees is Low Compared to most currencies in the World. Therefore, buying Sri Lankan Products and Services is relatively cheap compared to buying the same Product with the same Quality from elsewhere.

3.Products Planning to Sell Via the Platform

Textile & Apparel – Clothing and fashion is a modern day way of expression for an individual Sri lanka exports raw material to manufacture these Items.

Food & Beverages – As mentioned above We are one of the biggest exports of Tea , Rubber & Coconut. This is because We provide Quality Products for a Competitive price than the rest of the world.

Spices, Essential Oils & Oleoresins – As the dawn of Sri Lankan History the Country is well known for their exports of Species and Oils. Still that Statement is valid because our Spices are in high demand among the people overseas.

Hand Made Crafts – Especially in the Rural Part in Sri Lanka are well known for their artistry. Since the Ancient Sri Lanka people have a knack for their creative arts & crafts. We will export those work via our Platform which you will never be able to buy in any part of the World.

The above mentioned are some of the Products and Services that we are going to export. With time we are definitely going to expand the amount of Local Products that we are going to export within our Platform.

What are the Advantages for Local People to Sell in our Platform ?

You will be able to get a Huge amount for our Service or Product.

Due to the US Dollar per Sri Lankan Rupee Exchange rate you will receive a huge sum of money.

Bring Dollars to the Country

Sri Lanka is in a rush to get US Dollars to pay for the Import. Therefore, this will be a huge opportunity to bring Dollars to Sri Lanka at an Individual Scale.

Cultural Influence

With Sri Lanka’s Products being sold around the world people will start to recognize the Country as a great place to create Products and appreciate the work that the country is doing.

With these Plan to make both parties happy which is our Goal at Exon Software Solutions.We will build and Provide this Platform to give a voice and Provide opportunity to people.